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Deanna Vaida
Artist | Digital Art
United States
Favorite Type of Art: Illustration and Sequential
Tools of the Trade: Intuos Tablet, Photoshop CC
Things I Do for Fun Besides Art: Video Games, Writing, Roleplay, and Cooking (by which I mean eating)
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Personal Mantra: When life doesn't make sense, take a walk. The gods favor those who are always moving forward.

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Yes it is! If you like roleplay, have enjoyed a lot of the work that I've produced over the past twelve months, and are into historical settings where the people turn into monsters at night, you should give us a look!

As a newly-appointed mod (!) for the group I really look forward to seeing all kinds of cool characters in my inbox! Flood us with all the awesome ideas inside your brain! Applications are open until the end of September, at which time we will be selecting at least 30 new members to be part of our community. See you there~


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Drinking with Darshil (A Chance Meeting)

The streets of Sybal Heim smelled like ice, coal smoke, and applewood burning in home fires. The fragrance of winter. It hung over slate rooftops in a lacy haze that made a man long for the indoors, especially after a wearying day of work on the water.

    Marron had been raring to get back to work when the sun had risen this morning. Come afternoon, he wasn’t entirely sure he felt the same way. He pulled  the knot tight on La Lumiere’s mooring with cold-clumsy fingers, and  had to take a moment to rest.

    A light rain fell over the city, barely above freezing. His leather cap kept him dry and felt coat did a fair job at warmth,  but that wasn’t what was bothering him. With a grimace, Marron limped over to a brightly painted bench by the canalside and rubbed his aching knee. His right, the one that Kahina had smashed. Three Reversions later, and it still hurt. Not badly-- well, not before the foul weather and a long day on his feet-- but after two hundred years of never once experiencing lasting discomfort, the persistent twinge was causing him as much emotional distress as it was physical.

    The Estate physicians who had looked him over following their misadventure had warned him it might happen. He didn’t understand any of their technical diagnosis, but either due to Kahina’s efforts, or his own abuse immediately following, they had warned him that the injury he had sustained might never fully heal. Yet he had had such faith in the Change, he never once stopped to consider…

    Maybe if I give it just a few more days</i>, he thought, shoving his worries to one side through sheer force of will. You’ll feel better after a warm meal and somethin’ to drink. There’s a little place, the Golden Monkey...around here somewhere? Marron grit his teeth and hauled himself up to give the search a try...

Read the full RP here!

RP Details


Word Count:

Marron O'Taite (Leunbrund)
Darshil Sethi(Turtle-Arts)

-Reeta Skeeter is a Blond Man
-Octopus Balls and Angry Cattle
-"You'll Grow Into It"
SH: Capsize

RP Details

Knock knock knock.

Late-morning sunlight sliced through the back of Marron’s eyelids and straight into his head. He moaned and turned over underneath the covers in a vain attempt to recapture uncertain dreams.

Knock knock knock!

“Jus...jussaminnit.” His eyes were sticky, and his mouth tasted like river muck and fermented pineapples. He didn’t know why. All he knew was that whoever was at his stoop was still knocking, and the sound was making his temples pound. “I said just a minute</i>--”

“No, take your time, I’ve got all day,” growled a voice from the other side of the door. Rubbing sleep from his eyes, Marron opened up to find his landlord  standing in the corridor.

Connor was a round man, physically in his thirties, who wore his dirty blond hair in a rough bowl cut and his beard in shaggy mutton chops that hung off his face like straw. Although he was most well-known as the proprietor of Connor’s Pub just up the avenue in Ambrotos, what most people didn’t know was that he also owned property, and had been Marron’s landlord for almost ten years. In those ten years, Marron had come to know him as a warm, jovial man whose sarcastic  jokes and passion for Syballian stout had made them fast friends. Today, there was no evidence of humor about his mouth.

“G’mornin’, Marron,” Connor grunted. “Wake ye from your beauty rest?”

“Kinda….uh, come in, I guess.” Marron didn’t dare ask Connor what he wanted. The sinking feeling in his belly fancied it already knew, but he didn’t dare acknowledge it. Instead, he moved aside to allow Connor into his studio before closing the door behind him. “Can I get ye tea or somethin’?”

“You got any brewed?”

“Not yet.”

"Then don’t bother. I aim to keep this quick.”

Read the full RP here!


Word Count

Marron O'Taite(Leunbrund)
Tristine Serral(Art-Zealot)

Marron's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day
Alms for the Poor and Damp
Please don't eat that marmalade....
Everything is sad there is no happiness
Stream today should start around 3:30EST. I know Easter is busy for a lot of folks, but I hope you'll drop by! Shooting to run till around 6.


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